Sunday, September 19, 2010

Starting the week

It's Sunday night and I thought why not post something for you all to say good luck with the week ahead.
Tomorrow I might not be joining you all on the blog, not going to work. I have the honour (this is sarcasm) to take my grandmothers stuff for tax, and have them figure out whats going on there.
Then I'm picking up my passport, whoo hoo!

So now you might ask, "why a passport?"... so I'm going to tell you.

On Saturday 18 December my cousin and I will be flying to Johannesburg, then driving to Malelane to visit my brother. I'm very excited about this because it will be my first time flying. My brother are taking us to Mozambique and Swaziland also, therefore I'll be needing my passport.

I'm posting you a view pictures of places I'll be seeing for the first time!

Malelane (the town that my brother lives in)
Johannesburg (Jip, I've never been there)
This is the Gautrain that we're going for a ride on...

This is Nelspruit, on our way to Malelane

Then this is Mozambique which we'll hopefully be seeing :)

This is Swaziland...

And here are some pictures of the Kruger National Park where we'll be staying in some Bungalows and going to watch some animals, cant wait!

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Lu said...

You are going to have a blast!!! I love the Kruger and I'm sure you will also fall in love with it :D