Monday, March 7, 2011

Review - Hungry for you

So, I never really do book reviews, and I've never before read a Zombie book...
But I got this book from a friend who got it from the author... and she asked me to please review it when I was done, so this is it:

Hungry for you

What a great collection of short stories… and yes, they really are short and very enjoyable to read.

If you’re someone who is in a slump like I was and desperately need something to get you out, then the collection of Zombie like short stories by Harte, Hungry for you, is just for you

This has been my first encounter with zombies in any way, and it was yet again recommended to me by a dear friend.

Zombies have always grossed me out a little (Probably because I play these computer game called Plants vs Zombies and the zombies limbs keep falling off).

But the author really brings some humanity into some of these stories; some feelings that you wouldn’t have thought you could have for a zombie, making you actually care a little for them, and making you read the story without thinking of the same old zombie story in your head.

In Hungry for You (one of the stories) a zombie actually shows some humanity by choosing what he wants for as pray… a disturbing thought but a twist to what we think of as conventional zombies.

There is also the view of some zombies who actually still “want” their human counterparts, such is the case with Swimming Lessons.

A Dead Man’s Rose was by far the most disturbing (to me) but not in that Zombie way. It’s about a plant that really comes to “life” and that’s enough to freak me out!

The second last story Arkady, Kain & Zombies, was my favourite, it was really something that pulled at my heartstrings and I felt sad for what happened.

The zombie story has long been with us, but I’ve never had any interest in reading about it, but Harte has really changed my mind. It might be because the stories really have a great tempo, even though it’s short, you still want it to grab your attention, and it does! It flows well and you seem to want to read more even when the story is done. You even stop thinking of them as stereotypical zombie stories and read them as you would a wonderful love story, or whatever genre you prefer.

I hope you'll like this collection as much as I did...


Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Hmmm... that cover. Thanks for a great review!

Niecole said...

I suck at them so I tried really hard :)

I know! That cover freaks me out completely!

Anonymous said...

Hey Niecole, thanks for reviewing this! And stop being so hard on yourself - your reviews are fine :)

Hmm, the cover doesn't freak me out much, but the idea kissing zombies does!

Niecole said...

Hehe... I know! That also freaks me out... the cover does make you think that you're in for a lot worst than what you really are