Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book review - Oryx and Crake

For all of you who have never read any futuristic novels, go ahead and get a Margaret Atwood book, you’ll be addicted!

A good friend of mine recommended Margaret to me, and I’ve never been disappointed in following her advice.

I first started off with The Penelopiad which was really good, and a very quick and easy read. Next was The Handmaids Tale. It freaked me out a little, but its one of those books you just cannot put down! You have to know what happens.

Then I picked up Oryx and Crake. What a book! It’s all about new age kind of living, but I can’t say too much without giving away the whole book. Lets just say that it’s about Snowman aka Jimmy, Crake and Oryx, their friendships and what happens when a deadly disease breaks out.

Its set in a world in the future, with animal splices like pigoons who have human organs growing inside of them, and green glowing bunnies, the rich live in Compounds where they work for the various organizations creating these splices and different supplements for the future. The poor live in the normal world now known as the Pleeblands.

As the story progresses you get to know more about Jimmy and his friendship with Crake, and you get to see Crake to, him with his brilliant mind and the things he comes up with. It’s hard to explain this book to you, but I do think that all of you should read it, even if it is just to see the wonderful way that Atwood’s mind works!!!


readerbuzz said...

I thought this was wonderful. In an awful sort of way.

Niecole said...

I know what you mean.
It was weird yet wonderful, awful yet I couldnt put the book down!
Currently reading "The year of the Flood". Have you read that?