Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book review - The year of the Flood

If you’ve read Oryx and Crake and enjoyed it, then you’ll love The year of the Flood.

Another great book by Margaret Atwood.

The story is much the same as Oryx and Crake, but it’s told from another perspective. The really great thing is that we get to read about how our new characters interact with some of our old friends, and how they all know each other.

The story is told by two characters, Toby and Ren, who met each other in the God’s Gardeners. Toby is the older of the two. The whole story runs about how they anticipate the “waterless flood” to be coming and what they do once it hits.

We also meet Zeb who happens to be MaddAdam…

There are some pages that are not so very interesting, about all the saints that the God’s Gardeners believe in, but other than that you find yourself wonder what will happen next. Once the “waterless flood” hits and there are only a few survivors you start wondering who they are and if they’ll find each other.

All I can say is you should read it if you have questions about Oryx and Crake.

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