Friday, September 17, 2010

The Lady in the Tower

Review – The lady in the Tower by Jean Plaidy

Ok, so I can’t really review it because I didn’t finish it, and I didn’t finish it because it was impossible for me to read any further!

The book is about the Lady in the Tower, aka Anne Boleyn, and although it starts really good (and that’s what made me want to read it) with Anne’s life as a young girl and going to the French court, it gets really boring and I just couldn’t punish myself any longer. Plaidy writes pages and pages of stuff I have no interest in, how Anne hate Wolsley and what she was going to do, and how things were and how she was tired of waiting, or how she felt sorry for the Queen and how great court was, blah blah blah.

I’m sorry for those who really liked it, but I just didn’t. Maybe someday I’ll pick up the book again and give it another try, but not in 2010, that’s for sure.

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