Friday, October 22, 2010

Author of the week

I've decided to start an author of the week post.

I'll post some info about an author, and then you can comment on that, post links about that specific author and so on, also nominate another author for the next week...

I love discovering new authors, and the one that I'm posting about today is Margaret Atwood!

My dear friend Lauren recommended her to me, at first I was sceptical, I didn't think I would like her, you see Lauren and my books don't always compare well... but I was pleasantly surprised.

Margaret Atwood writes books that open your mind to new things.

I've read:

Oryx and Crake
The year of the Flood
The Penelopiad
The Handmaids Tale

What books have you read of her?

I started off with The Penelopiad and really did love it, she took a classic story (The story of Odysseus) and put a new spin on things, giving us a look at the situation from the women's perspective.

Next was the Handmaids Tale for me, and when I read what the book was about I was really scared of reading it, because I was scared it might end up to be one of those books recommended by a friend and then you really hate it and dint know how to let them know.

But I didn't have to lie to Lauren, because the Handmaids Tale really opened my world to Atwood's novels. The story is futuristic, but relevant at the same time! I couldn't put the book down.

The next two were Oryx and Crake and then The year of the flood, which I really loved. Both books are kind of about the same thing, but two different perspectives from each book.

I've always been scared of Sci fi books, I really have, I just never thought of them to be my kind of books. The other day I was struggling to think of any sci fi books I've read and then Lauren reminded me about these Atwood books, and you know what? I was pretty proud of myself :).

Tell me what you think?
Which Authors do you love and what do you think about the author of the week? Also please let me know if you've read any of her other books?

On my to read list is:

The Robber Bride
The Blind assassin
Bluebeard's Egg
Alias Grace

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Anonymous said...

LOL, shame, I didn't realise it was all so nerve-wracking for you :)
Not that you would have had to lie - everyone's different and sometimes recommendations just don't work out. I'm glad this one did though.