Friday, October 22, 2010

My review on A is for Alibi

I just finished this book, and I really did enjoy it.

I'm crazy about books about mystaries and murders, and detective work...
The book did remind me a lot of Womens Murder Club books by James Patterson, but all in all still a great read.

The book is about Kinsey Millhone, a private detective who has been asked to look into an 8 year old murder case.

The women requesting her to have another look is the same women who has served 8 years in prison and has been let out on parole, the victim: the womens no bull lawyer husband. But she claims she's innocent, and she wants Kinsey to prove it.

She meets some people who knew this lawyer, people with real legitimate reasons to have wanted him dead, but later on you get a bit confused with who actually would have wanted him dead that bad...

Some parts are really slow, and others are pretty good. You get to know Kinsey a little as you read and I found myself going "no Kinsey you're wrong" at some parts of her investigation.

If you do like light detective reading I would reccomend this to you. I'm not a great review so I'm just adding this link for you aswell lol... Goodreads A is for Alibi

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