Thursday, November 11, 2010

Book Review


Today I finished Evermore... and I really did love it!

Firstly I want to tell you all how lucky I am to have friends who send me ebooks, sometimes I sit at work and read when I dont have something else to do lol.

Evermore was sent to me by my friend Sonette.

I was looking for something lite and easy to read and Evermore was just that!
I didnt feel like reading about more vampires (not that I mind but these days all the YA books seem to be about one thing).

Evermore is about a young girl named Ever.
She recently lost her parents, beloved dog and younger sister Riley, but something weird happend to her, and now she can see auras, read minds and see her dead sister.

But all these things she doesnt want, she doesnt dress in her usual cute outfits anymore and dons a hoody and earphones each day to try and drown out the thoughts of others, until she meet Damen, and she cant hear his thoughts or see his aura.

I wont give away much more, but in the end Ever needs to decide who she wants to be with, what she wants to be, who she needs to say goodbye to and who is going to stay.

The story does remind you a bit of Twilight, but its not about Vampire which is refreshing.
Ever becomes a very likable character, and I found myself really loving Miles, her gay friend. Her other friend Haven irritated me a bit. And ofcourse Damon is suppose to be the heart throb.

The story is something different and easy to read, cant wait to read the next installment.

Whats your oppinion on this story?

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tessie said...

great review my thoughts are pretty much the same (:

I'm now a new follower!!