Thursday, November 4, 2010


Wow ok, so my group that I'm in on Goodreads have started a few challenges that we're all taking part of.

The first ones I'd like to tell you about is the 5 challenges for 1 year we're doing...
It promotes reading different styles and genres that you're not use to.

The 5 sets of challenges are:

1. Sci fi
2. Cover challenge
3. Mythology and Folklore
4. Ultimate to read list
5. The Hoarders challenge

For the first two, we all nominated a few ideas and in the end 25 ideas were chosen... here they are for Sci Fi:

1. Sci fi based on mythology

2. Biopunk

3. Read a book classified as Steampunk

4. Read a Sci-Fi Thriller

5. Read some Space Opera

6. Read something by Isaac Asimov

7. Read a book that has a Alien or Aliens (people from another planet, from space) of some kind in it- I am Number Four- Pittacus Lore

8. Cyberpunk

9. Short stories. SF is a big short story genre, with some of the most exciting, inventive tales out there, so read a collection of sf short stories.

10. Read a Sci-Fi dystopia

11. Read hard sci-fi: Hard science fiction is a category of science fiction characterized by an emphasis on scientific or technical detail, or on scientific accuracy, or on both

12. Read military sci-fi

13. Read a sci-fi that a prominent movie was based on

14. Read Romance and Sexuality in sci-fi

15. Read a sci-fi published between 2000-2010

16. Read a sci-fi that has Robots/Companion bots etc. in them

17. Read a Sci-fi that has a authoritarian state/government

18. Read a Sci-Fi set on both Earth and another planet

19. Read a YA Sci-Fi

20. Sci fi about an ecological disaster (on Earth or any other planet)

21. Read sci fi that's won either the Hugo or the Nebula award

22. Read a sci-fi book which involves or includes elements of nature (i.e. plants or animals)

23. Read a sci-fi book which involves or includes time travel

24. Read an alternate history novel

25. Read any Golden Age Sci-fi author

And here is our list for the Cover Challenge:
1. A book with a mythical creature on the cover

2. A book with a cover covered in words

3. Read a book with a prominent facial feature on the cover, such as lips, nose, eye, neck. (Nothing below neck)

4. Read a book with a cover where a person's face is obscured / being hidden / not shown

5. A book with a tree or trees anywhere on the cover

6. Read a book with a Tattoo on the cover.

7. Read a book with something on the cover that relates to or reminds you of your job

- e.g. I am a chef so I could read a book with food on the cover.

8. Read a book that has a number or numbers on the cover.

9. Read a book that has a animal or animals on the cover

10. A book with a book or books on the cover

11. A book with a silhouette on the cover (human or animal).

12. A book with one of the signs or symbols of the zodiac on the cover

13. Wings on the Cover eg. the person can have wing or there can be a buttefly or bird angel etc. on the cover

14. A book with one dominant color on the front

15. A cover with a flower/flowers on the cover (Garden with flowers count to)

16. Read a book with a lightning bolt on the cover.

17. Read a book with a lit candle on the cover.

18. Cover depicting something supernatural (including aliens); and

19. Cover which shows any celestial body (Pebble in the Sky).

20. Read a book that has a Shadow on it

21. Read a book with a solitary woman on

22. Read a book with a flag/banner on the cover

23. Read a book with a lake on the cover

24. Read a cover that depicts Weather conditions, like clouds, sunshine, rain, winds etc.

25. Read a book that has something on the cover that you love / one of your favourite things, examples: food, animals, travel

Mythology and Folklore are the following:

1. Read a book about Greek gods

2. Read a book about ancient Folklore... (any)

3. Read a book about Dragons, featuring Dragons or has Dragons in it :)

4. Read a book about Vampires :D

5. Egyptian mythology

6. Read a book about a heroine from myth or folklore. . Examples: Penelope, Helen of Troy, Lilith, Beauty.

7. Read a book about zombies!

8. Read about about gods in a modern context (Percy Jackson, American Gods etc)

9. Read any pre-1900 Vampire novel

10. Arthurian Legend - Think Geneviere, Merlin, the lady in the lake etc.

11. Mythical Place/Lands- Atlantis, utopia, Troy, Olympus etc.

12. Read a book about Angel's, Like fallen Angels etc,

13. Read a book where someone has a "gift" "ability" "power", like mind reading, or being psychic.

14. Read a collection of fairytales (old or new)

15. Read a book about a mythical monster, excluding those already nominated (currently vampires, zombies, and dragons). Monster examples: Kraken, Minotaur, Medusa, orcs.

16. Read a book about a Creature/Character that is Half human Half Animal.

Im talking Centaur, Satyr, Mermaid, Birdmen. Any man beast hybrid will do but they have to be a full time "semi" animal NOT A SHAPE SHIFTER

17. Read a book about witches and witchcraft. It can be fiction or non-fiction

18. A book about Knights or that has Knights in it (You know like the knights of the round table etc) They need to be legend/myth/folktale/something made up (tales) tho

19. Read a book about ghosts, has ghosts in it etc :)

20. Read a book that has Demons/Daemons in it

21. Read a book with Genies/Djinn in it.

22. Read a book that has a prophecy/foretelling/vision

23. Read a book that has werewolves in it

24. Read a book based on Eastern or Ancient Near Eastern mythology

25. Read a book about Norse mythology

For the ultimate to read list we had to pick 25 books from from the other memeber, so one from a memeber in the group until we got 25.
And for the hoarders challenge you have to pick 25 books that you own, but havent read...
Tell me what you think of all our challenges and what challenges you might be doing in some of your groups?


Sniffly Kitty said...

The challenges seem complicated~~ Gluck with those! Also, <3 Goodreads!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sniffly Kitty

Niecole said...

Hi there!!!!
Your on Goodreads? Let me know who you are and I'll ad you as my friend.

Yeah the challenges are super complicated, but its fun, some of us had to creat special databasis so we dont get confused with all the books lol