Monday, November 8, 2010

Review - Howl's moving castle

I just finished Howl’s moving castle…

My friend Lauren at Violin in a Void suggested it to me as I was in a bit of a reading funk. It really did help me get out of it because it was such a great easy and light read!

The story is written like a fairy tale, and while reading it you might be reminded of your childhood again. There are witches and wizards, a fire demon, a walking talking scare crow and many more great characters.

The story goes about Sophie, the eldest of 3 daughters, and being the eldest means reaching doom. Soon after starting the book you meet Sophie’s two sisters. They all get sent away to do apprentice jobs because their mother can no longer support them all after the death of their father. Shortly afterwards Sophie gets transformed into a 90 year old women, and she seeks refuge in the moving castle of the terrible (or so the people think) Wizard Howl.

There she meets Micheal, the apprentice and Calcifer, the fire demon, whom she promises to release from his spell if he can find a way to help her.

So the story goes, but we get to know the castle better to, the way each time the door opens onto a new setting, we meet ladies and maidens, witches and princes.

All in all a quick and great read, would recommend it to anyone


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reference :)
Glad you enjoyed it! I agree that it reminds you of your childhood - it's why I love this type of YA.

Niecole said...

Thanks Lauren...

I must say that your review is awsome!!!!
If anyone needs more info about the book, please check out Lauren Blog!!!