Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finally, my trip to my Brother

Hey everyone... yes, it has been a while since I visited my brother, but here are photos at last!
He lives in a town called Hectorspruit, which is close to Malelane, which is close to Nelspruit in Mpumalanga...

Here we go!

 This is my cousin Cecil (with the cap) and friend Daniel on the little bus thingy that takes you to the plane...
 This is me and Cecil on the plane, it was my first flight ever!
Giepie, our GPS that we brought along from Paarl and used in our brilliant little Aveo rental car to get straight to my brothers house.

There are 3 toll gates on the way to my brother, this was the first. 
 Our pitstop at the Spur on our way to Hectorspruit
On the road to Malelane there was this "saagmeul" (mill) and it smelled exactly like overcooked cabage!

This was a little tunnel on the way, and when we went through everyone started hooting! We weren't sure why...
A little towering builing on the way.

 The Malelane Kruger National Park Gate

First animal we spotted

 My cousin Cecil and my brother Divan
 This is the "potjiekos" that we made

 Wild dogs sleeping under the tree
Very weird bird with scorpions in its mouth

At a Restaurant called Crocafellas in Malelane they have crocodiles swimming in their dam

Entering the beautiful Swaziland

 The house we stayed in in Siteki in Swaziland
 The Boama where we braaid
 Swazi Candles with MILLIONS of handmade candles
 The Swazi Mall with handmade crafts

Our fabulous little Chevvy Aveo!

 The Guatrain

This is the gate we entered to get into The Kruger National Park
My cousin with the flight attendend


Lu said...

Love the crocodile and the bird with the scorpion!!!

Tribute Books Mama said...

It must have been a great trip for you, loved the photos.

Niecole said...

Thanks everyone
Yes it was a great trip! I've never seen that part of the country, and of course I got to meet Lu!

I must also say, I never knew Swaziland was so beautifull