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Review - A Storm of Swords

A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, #3)A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This was so far my favorite in the series.
I warn you, it is very very lengthy and I did skip a bunch of the war scenes, but the story in this one was really brilliant and I just couldn't wait to start reading the next installment.
As I've said, the war got a bit boring and I really wasn't in to reading about this lord and how he was the son of this and that one and married to blah blah blah, but apart from that it was a brilliant read.
Dany featured in this one, but not a lot, she's still progressing across the sea, but I feel that she really could progress a little faster, thank you very much!
Arya is my hero in this one again, I love this spunky little girl, who believes that most of her family have died but she still goes on like a real trooper. She ends up with the weirdest companion (the Hound) and they make they're way through the Kingdom, first in search of her Lady Mother and then for her aunt. She's a fierce little girl and tough too. I'm rooting for her all the way!
Samwell Tarly is another character that I've come to LOVE! He is such an easy person to start liking. The poor lad thinks himself terribly craven but he ends up not being that at all! He has a small and good heart and I hope good things happen to him too. I just know he will end up in a great place. He's gone through much more than he ever thought he would.
Poor Sansa, I feel so sorry for her, but at least her punisher died! Hooraah for that. She's really a little girly girl, little lady, but I think she realises that not everything is a little song and dance. She's been through a lot and then they force her to marry Tyrion as well, but she gets freed and I think something great is waiting on her as well.
Catelyn Stark, poor women. I've never really loved this women, but she's grown on me a little bit and I felt like crying when they killed her son in front of her, it tore my heart out! I must admit that she's a strong women but I'll have to see whether I grow to like her more.
I think most of the Lannisters get what they deserve but there are 2 of them that I really like, Tyrion whom I've liked for a long time and then Jaime has grown on me quite a bit! He travels with Brienne (another great character) and he shows that he's human after all!

The war part with the Castle Black is a brilliant piece I think, but the rest of the war not so much. The story really leaves a lot hanging as well and you'll find yourself wanting, ney, needing to read the next book.

The seven kingdoms really is decided now with every noble Lord thinking he could become King. Stannis is really a fierce leader that I think was underestimated and I really would love to see what happens with him. A load of good characters die but that's what makes the story so much more interesting because it keeps you on your toes!

I think Martin is a fantastic author!

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