Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bridesmaids - Movie Review

Review - Bridesmaids

So we've got these two best friends, Annie and Lillian, who have known each other since they were really young, and Lillian drops the bom on Annie that she's getting married.

Poor Annie, nothing goes right in her own life, she failed at a relationship, then failed at her bakery shop. Now she's Lillians Maid of Honor, but nothing seems to go great there either, especially with snobby Helen trying to outdo everything that Annie tries, which obviously makes Annie feel like an idiot and in the end she and Lillian aren't even talking.

To see the rest you have to see the movie, it's really awesome and I laughed so much and so loud at this one.
But please, this is a chick flick, don't drag your bf or husband along? You and a couple of girl friends should hit the town and watch this one.

There are some extremely hillarious scenes... like the wedding dress scenes (both)... you'll know what I mean if you've watched it.

Go out and see this movie now!

I give this one a 8 out of 10.

The story is really beautiful if you look past the laughs and it makes you realise that you have so much to live for. Friendship really is special but jealousy is so not!

Have fun with this guys!

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Lu said...

I'll definitley watch this then :)