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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed female medical problems in the US and UK. This is a devastating disease that may cost life, if diagnosed late. Hence, steps are taken by the health department to spread awareness about the disease regarding its risk factors, symptoms, staging, treatments available and the prognosis of the treatments.

October is celebrated as the international breast cancer awareness month and the whole month is dedicated to various activities supporting the motive of the spreading awareness. Pink is the breast cancer awareness color and anyone wearing pink ribbon during the month of October, is identified as a moral supporter for the breast cancer campaign and also extending moral support to the women suffering this devastating disease.

AstraZeneca initiated the celebrations of October as a breast cancer awareness month in the year 1985, who are manufacturers of breast cancer medications. The use of pink ribbon as a color for the breast cancer awareness began in the year 1991.

First use of pink ribbons for spreading awareness about breast cancer began during the New York City race conducted for fund raising for the breast cancer survivors. Susan G. Komen Foundation, working for the breast cancer awareness, handed pink-ribbons to all the participants of the race.

Although, it is rare in men but they do fall prey to this disease. A pink and blue color represents moral support for men suffering from this condition and also spreading awareness that the disease may affect men. The use of a pink and blue ribbon is since 1996.

Various activities are conducted throughout the month of October to recognize and understand the needs and experiences of the people suffering from this disease. Activities may include free screening tests to diagnose the disease. Free screenings helps it to be more easy and accessible to all income groups.

Information and support services during breast cancer awareness month may also be held to provide updates about breakthrough treatment techniques and prognosis of the disease. Also, such services help the patients and family members overcome anxiety and help them to boost the ability to cope with the disease.

Please support Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing a pink ribbon in honour of those batteling this aweful disease. This is close to home as my own mother had Breast Cancer about 6 years ago. Her left breast was removed and she was lucky not to have gone for chemo treatment. She's been clean ever since!

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