Monday, November 28, 2011

Support your local SPCA, where ever you are!!

Hi guys!!!

For all my friends who know me really well, you all know how much I love animals and how much I hate animal abusers!

Therefor I am asking you all, please support your local SPCA, where ever you are.
Even if it is by dumping out your change into the little tins at local shops, or adopting a dog from them, or spending a day playing with the dogs, taking them extra food or blankets or donating an amount to them, anything that you are able to do will be brilliant.

You could even just make other people aware of SPCA, how amazing those people are to be looking after these helpless creatures who need our love and support.

I hope that you all will take this to heart and think about it :)


(I hope all animal abusers get tortured immensely before rotting in hell for all eternity!)


Chrizette said...

I agree with your last statement! I have absolutely not respect for animal abusers!!

Niecole said...

Neither do I
There are a ton of cruel things I'd love to do to Animal Abusers...