Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Royal History continue

The Boleyn Inheritance

You’d expect something else from the book by looking at the title. Still, a great read which I really did enjoy. I wanted to know more about Anne of Cleves as well as Katherine Howard when I was done!

This story by the same author as the Other Boleyn Girl, tells us the story of Jane Boleyn, the wife of George Boleyn who was the brother of Queen Anne. We learn more about this poor women who was manipulated into “furthering” the future of the Boleyn and Howard family.

The story also tells us the story of Anne of Cleves who was sent for by the King to become his Queen after Jane Seymour died and he saw a picture of Anne. Anne traveled a very long way to get to the King and tried her best to adapt to his world. She married the King (who was old and rotting at the moment) but he could not consummate their marriage… He was married to her for only 6 months, and in that time had already begun his affair with Katherine Howard, cousin of Anne Boleyn (already the warning bells should have started to ring).

In the end things get gruesome but that’s what you’d come to expect from the notorious Kind Henry VIII.
The story combines the voices of these 3 women that lead to a very interesting read.

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