Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Studying part time

So I'm very new to this blog thing, but I thought that maybe someone would have the same interests as me, or not, maybe you just wanted to read some random persons blog.

My title states what I'd like to talk about... I'm currently a part time student at Unisa, studying psycology. I'm also working full time, and I dont know if its just me, but I find it hard sometimes to juggle the two things, plus trying to have a social life, and then having time to myself.

As a result, I'm lacking any kind of social life at the moment, the only things I ever do over a weekend is sleep and read to relax. Ok so I might head to the shops some times but thats basically it! How boring am I??? But to tell you the truth, I dont mind it really, at least when I'm studying I know I'm working towards a goal.

So basically I wanted to know if anyone else is finding it as hard as I am? What advice do you all have if you manage to juggle it? I try to pull up a roster of what to do during the week, but its pretty much like my budget, I draw it up and then never look at it again. Scary.
I've got all these plans for how I'm going to study now, and do this later, and then it all flies out the window...

So, if you have feedback for me, dont hesitate to pop on by...
Hope you're all coping, I know at the moment I am, sitting here writing this new blog, sipping hot chocolate, studying is the furthest thing from my mind

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