Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Memoirs of a Geisha

So after reading Memoirs of a Geisha for a long time (as I've been reading in bed and then falling asleep) I finally finished it last nigth, and what a great read. I have two other books from the library I have to read but instead I couldnt stop reading this one.

I'm no good at reviews but I'll try. I was sceptical when a friend recomended that I read this book, but glad that I did.

The story centers around Sayuri who is torn away from her home and 'forced' to become a geisha. The world of geisha are explored so well in this book, it really gives one a new perspective on it all.  The story real tells us Sayuri's journey to make her dreams come true.

I'd really recommend this book to everyone.

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Emma said...

One of my favourite books Niecole, and such a beautiful cover too. I really like your blog. Glad you sorted a few things out.