Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Borgia Bride

I recently read The Borgia Bride, and what a great book it was.

I was a bit afraid to read it because I really do love Tudor Royalty books and was scared that this might not enchant me as much as Tudors do, but the story was gripping and a great way to introduce me to some new royalty.

The story revolves around Sancha of Aragon, the young illegitimate princess who gets married off by her unloving father to the son of the Pope Alexander. She does not want to leave the court in her beloved Naples, but she has now other choice when her husband’s Jofre’s father summons them to his castle. There she meets his jealous sister Lucrezia and his very handsome brother Cesare…

But everything is not as it seems in this world she has stepped into, there are lies being told and incest going on right below everyone’s noses, yet the world think the Borgias to be the perfect family.

Reading this book I came to love and hate the character of Sancha, she being such a strong willed women, with beauty as well, yet she chooses so desperately wrong when she has to, but it makes the story even more interesting and you find yourself not wanting to stop reading!

It gets worst for Sancha when her beloved brother Alfonso gets thrown into the mix when he marries her sister in law Lucreazia, but tragedy is the only way out for the Borgias.

If you’ve read this book, tell me what you think!

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