Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekend Question

Weekend Question

Liz at Cleverly Linked hosts this new meme I'm doing called Weekend Question

I love meme's as they keep us all in touch with one another...

The question for this weekend is what do you prefer? Male or Female Protagonist?

My answer? Well it hugely depends on what I'm reading.
Adventure is usually male, but sometimes females are fun
In royal history its always female, I just cant think of reading a book where a king or prince is the protagonist, weird.

I generally love female protags, because I'm a female... I relate to them better, yet I do love books like Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Black dagger Brotherhood etc. :)

What do you prefer?


Karen said...

If you asked me this last year I would have said female - like you I relate to them more but this year most of my favorite books have been from the male POV. Especially in YA. The girls have become more about hormones and love triangles so I just find the guys more complex and interesting.

Niecole said...

Oooh Karen, I know what you mean.
The girls do get a bit soppy!