Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Breaking Dawn

Ok, so I've taken a long time to get to the final book, but I have my reasons for that.

I loved all the books in the series (but not as much as some of you love them). But the last book is the best I think. In the first books Bella seems like such an pathetic kind of character, there are much stronger female characters in the book.

But in Breaking Dawn her destiny finally comes to her, and I think I like her much more in the vampire form. I thought the book would be a bit corny with the child being born and all that, but it turns out that I really grew to like the character of Renesmee and the rest of the vampires that come to defend her make for an interesting read, getting to know all of them as well.

I did also enjoy that the pact (or rather Seth and Jacob) were involved more in this story. Leah also seems that she's a complex character and I wish Stephenie spent more time on explaining her further.

Rosalie has always been one of my favorite characters and I'm so glad that she featured so much in this book. Her story really moved me in the previous book.

Alice is featured less here, and I wish that she, Jasper and Emmet would have been featured more.

Other than that I really did enjoy the book. The battle (or near battle) was interesting and I love that there are more vampires that get into the story.

Some parts are pretty boring, but if you skip some of that the reading becomes easier. The longest book in the series, but worth the read.

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