Thursday, December 2, 2010

Horror Urban-Fantasy Challenge

Here's another great Challenge that I just got invited to, and I'm a sucker for challenges...

This one is the Horror Urban-Fantasy Challenge hosted by our dear friend at Book Chick City!
It can only end up being fun!

All the Rules and other stuff on how to enter are over at Book Chick City, so go and check it out!

Have fun reading and keep me posted on what you've read so far.

Also, check out the button on my side bar and encourage other to join in the fun!


Lu said...

Looks fun :)
I saw a mystery one somewhere you might like!

Book Chick City said...

Welcome to my Horror & Urban Fantasy challenge! I hope you enjoy it and thank you for signing up! :)

Niecole said...

Thanks Book Chick

Lu, send me any recommendations! You know I love them :)