Friday, January 7, 2011

Review - The House of Night

House of Night – Marked

Previously I’ve told you guys that I love Greek Mythology, and this book fits right up my alley. (I know you're confused now but you'll understand)

Vampire books seem to be everywhere, which makes me picky about which ones to read.

I have this great friend Sonette who is addicted to downloading free ebooks and she sent me the whole series. Me starting to read the books all started with a challenge where you have to read a book with a moon or the stars or some planets on the cover, so Marked fit right in.

And now I’ve read the book and I love it.

So where does the Greek Mythology fit in? Well they use a lot of the Greek Myths to explain some of the vampire things in their world. The story is different; its Hex Hall meets Percy Jackson meets Twilight.

The book starts when Zoey gets marked (when a weird moon appears on her for head) and she has to explain to her parents how she needs to go to The House of Night, which is a school for fledglings who are going to change into Vampyres. The cool thing really is that many famous people are vampyres and the humans know about them and accept them. (Well not Zoey’s mom and her step dad).

So after explaining to her parents what’s happened they reject the thought and she runs away to her grandmother. When she goes looking for her grandmother on her Lavender farm she trips and falls and has a weird vision of the goddess Nyx, who happens to be the goddess of the vampyres. Zoey’s mark also seems to have been filled and when she finally gets to The House of Night she’s seen as something “special” because she’s different.

We get to see school through Zoey’s eyes and what happens to her, and things are a bit different than in all the other vampire books.

I loved the first book so much that I’m already busy with the second one and I must warn you that you shouldn’t attempt reading these books out of sequence; it might confuse you because they are interlinked so closely.

I’d recommend this book, great quick and easy read, just the way I like it.


Lu said...

Can't wait to read this!

Niecole said...

I think you're really going to like this one Lu