Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tudor Tuesday!

The Tudors

As some of you might know, or might not, I am a history lover.

Yes, I confess, I love the old stuff, all of it, I have my favorite of course, but all history intrigues me...

I have an especial passion for the Royals, so I thought I'd start a little post about them, and of course, what better way to start than with such a famous crowd as The Tudors!

I belong to the great Tudor Lovers group on Goodreads and we debate about these characters very often. Recently we debated on whether King Henry VIII really loved his first wife? We also ask whether he would have stayed with her, or Anne for that matter, if they had given him a son? Someone pondered whether he was getting fed up with Jane? But that she died before he could get rid of her? And what about dear Anne of Cleves, was she the smartest of them all in the long run? She did the sensible thing, listened to him, had the marraige anuld and spared her own life... what about sweet and cunning Katherine Howard? And then the last wife, the one who survived, Catherine Parr...

So now it's your chance to tell me what you think.

I love a great debate and comments... you are more than welcome to post how you feel about it all.

Do you perhaps think that Henry was only famous because of his wives? Or was he a really great Monarch?

Tell me about it!

And then for fun, vote for your favourite wife.

Mine is Katherine of Aragon, I love her, I think she was an amazing women and I feel so sorry for her, the way King Henry treated her.

So go ahead and tell me all about it.

Katherine of Aregon

Anne Boleyn

Jane Seymour

Anne of Cleves

Katherine Howard

Catherine Parr

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