Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Good day all fellow bloggers...

I have to confess that I'm not sure how many of you are still there... I also need to confess that I'm  not sure how many blogs I actually still avidly read...

So I thought I'd ask you the this question.

How many of you actually still read the posts set up by the bloggers you follow?
How many of you still make comments?
What can I do to improve everything?

I know it's a bit late in January already, but seeing as this is the new year I thought a few changes would do us all good. What are your opinions on that guys?

I really need your help!


Anonymous said...

Damn, I posted a longish comment here yesterday but it looks like the net ate it :(

To the first question - yes, I read posts from the blogs I follow, but not all posts. I only have so much time. I generally read reviews of books I've read or am interested in, or articles that grab my attention. At least once a week though I'll take time to visit blogs and read a few posts just to see what everyone's up to, even if it's reviews of books I don't read.

Comments - I make comments when I have something meaningful to say. I never just say "great post!" - a lot of bloggers do that just to leave a link to their own blog, and it feels cheap. Yes, commenting on blogs is a great way to make your presence known, but I don't like leaving a few empty words. I read the blogger's article and react to what they've written if I have something worthwhile to say.

Anonymous said...


Review more new fiction. Most readers, not to mention authors and publishers, are interested in the latest stuff. Apply for review copies from publishers, join NetGalley, accept review copies from indie authors.

Become more active in social media. The internet bombards people with information, so if you don't tell people what you're doing they'll forget you're there. Use Twitter, Facebook, etc. to tell people about new posts, inform authors and publishers of reviews, and just to chat and become a part of a blogging community.

Add a widget that allows people to sign up for email notifications of new posts. Take out some of the decorative widgets though - there are too many and they're distracting.

Hope that helps!

Niecole said...

Hey Lauren!!

Thanks so much for your awesome feedback!!!
I'm totally clueless when it comes to these things, therefore I have NO idea how to do the email notification widget :) and how do you link your blog with facebook? Maybe I should start blogging about how I really don't know how to blog LOL...

I agree with you on the comments, when it just says GREAT POST it does sound cheap, and I know becuase I've had a few and I've done it a few times too! :(

But I'm taking your comment to heart and going to change it as much as I can :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you found it useful :)

Doesn't blogger just have a list of widgets you can add to your site? That's how it works on Wordpress.

I also don't know how Blogger links to facebook, but you don't have to do this. All you have to do is post the link on facebook as you would when sharing any other article. The same goes for Twitter. If you added sharing buttons for those sites you could use those as well.

Good luck with changes :) And you can always email me for help!

Niecole said...

Thanks Lauren!!! You and Lu should expect to receive A LOT of emails next week lol