Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blast from the past


I was totally inspired by a friend of mines blog (which is AMAZING by the way)
Her name is Anja and she often blogs about things from the past which just makes you so bloody nostalgic that you have to blog about it too...

So I've taken her cue and I'm blogging about some really memorable things from my past.
I'd love it if you all could share what things from the past you miss or made an impact on your life.

Also, please check out Anja's blog... she's extremely talented and I'm sure a LOT of you will fall in love with it.

So here goes, some blasts from my past:

I remember a shampoo called Viva... it was great and came in these yellow bottles shaped a lot like a triangle. But alas they disappeared into retail space and was never seen again.

"Dirkies" were very popular in SA. They were these condense milk treats in a tube!!! Yum!

Do you remember when Sparletta (or many other soft drinks) had the glass drinking bottles? But the bottles weren't the sleek and think bottles we know today, oh no, they were these 500ml fat bottles and I loved them! Can you also remember this?

 The Sparletta can had this funky Zebra on it...

And sticking to the soft drinks, do you remember Coke Floats? I don't know how many kids still drink them, but I loved them! Especially with Cream Soda

I also remember some very popular toys from the past, including these:


Cupcake dolls!!

Skipper from the Barbie range.

Lion King marbles

Slammers (in the chips packets)

Spice Girl stickers!!
We would swap them out and try to collect them all, the prized one was the Spice Girl ring sticker.

Some TV shows that were very popular include:

Wielie Walie
Mina Moo
Doffel, Babbel en Bekkie
Pumpkin Patch
Who's the Boss
Empty Nest

So these are just a few (very few) things that I remember from the past.
Share yours with me!


Lu said...

Hahah I love the Spice Girl stickers!!

I still drink a Cream Soda float when I got to Wimpy :)

Omg Dirkies!!!!!!!! I want one!!!

Claudia said...

Pumpkin Patch! I watched that show before I could even walk or talk properly. It was the only thing that kept me from screaming my head off all day, apparently. My mom would put me in my carseat in front of the tv with a tape of Pumpkin Patch playing over and over. Haha.

Niecole said...

Thanks for ur replies guys!!