Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cover Characteristics - Cupcakes

Cover Characteristic

This is a new meme hosted by my friend Lu at A Muggles Magical Book Blog.

Each week she's posting a specific characteristic that can be found on many books and then she'll list her 5 favs! So I just naturally had to join the fun.

You don’t even need to participate, just stopping by and saying hi would be great!

Today’s cover characteristic: Cupcakes!!

So here we go...

Hello, Cupcake

Hello Cupcake!
Aren't these just the CUTEST cupcakes EVER!!!!!
Makes me want to have a birthday party for my baby Yuki (who happens to be my beloved dog!)

Take the Cake
Take the Cake
Makes me want to eat that darn cupcake! Even the icing looks good (and I'm not really a fan of the sweet topping)

 Don't Let It Be True
Don't let it be True!
Those sprinkles, that yummy cake, that sparkler, everything about it makes me drool!

Comfort Food
Comfort Food
The cover just grabbed me because it really looks comforting. (Don't these icing tops sticking out remind you of soft wool?) I really love this cover!

And our NUMBER 1!

Sugar Rush (Cupcake Club, #1)

Wow, all these cupcakes look AMAZING!!!!!
I like the one with the hear, the bottom chocolate one with yellow icing, the one with pink icing, ah heck I like them all and want to eat them!

So let me know what your favorites are



Lu said...

Oh wow all the cupcakes look so good!!!!

I actually love nr5 the best, those are so cute!!

Niecole said...

I know right! Gives me some great ideas for cupcake decorating