Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cover Characteristics - Bridge

Cover Characteristic - Bridge

This is a new meme hosted by my friend Lu at A Muggles Magical Book Blog.

Each week she's posting a specific characteristic that can be found on many books and then she'll list her 5 favs! So I just naturally had to join the fun.

You don’t even need to participate, just stopping by and saying hi would be great!

Today’s cover characteristic: Bridge

So here we go...

The Colonel of Tamarkan: Philip Toosey and the Bridge on the River Kwai 
The cover is pretty striking don't you think?
The bridge looks beautiful.

A Passage To India 
The bridge is beautiful, I love the domed building to the right.

Oracle Night 
I love, love, love Black and White covers, and this one does  not disappoint! The lights of the city in the back really rounds off the picture beautifully.

Great Expectations
Good golly, what a great cover for a great classic!!! I love it, enough said.

And my number one cover goes to...

Bridge of Sighs
Isn't this beautiful!!!
The color firstly is amazing. the blue and creamy white just makes you want to pick up this book. Then the split cover with the two bridges, breathtaking!

Let me know what covers are your favorite...
Post your link at the comment below.

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