Friday, July 16, 2010

Movie vs Book

A while back I read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (by a very good recommendation from my super friends at Goodreads) and I loved the book!

I started reading the 2nd and the 3rd book to!

I’m fascinated by Greek Mythology, so the book was a good fictional read for me. Ok, so it’s not like this major intellectual book or anything, but a good read, quick and easy, and trust me, you’ll find yourself wanting to read them all!

So Percy is this ordinary kid who thinks he has dyslexia, but then he finds out his best friend is a goat (half goat) and his teacher is a horse! Oh yeah, and he’s half god!!!!

And that’s when the fun starts…

Then on Wednesday night I finally watched the movie…

When it comes to books where there are loads of characters, like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson with all its gods, I love to see the movie to see who they actually picked for the roles.

I was a bit disappointed that the movie cut out some really good parts, like I never got to see Clarice, or Aphrodite, or Aries, but the rest was fun to watch. I thought Annabeth was supposed to have blonde hair, but the girl they picked did have the most STUNNING blue eyes I’ve ever seen!

The movie was good, not to long so that it would start to bore you and it had all the other main parts as the book had.

I’d think anyone could watch the movie without reading the book, it was cool to say the least .


Lu said...

I also liked both the movie and book!

Lu said...

Sorry for the spam Niecole! But I'm giving you a blog award :D