Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My little fear

Hallo little follower, thats if I have any...

Just wanted to drop on in and tell you something.
It's something about me, so sorry to disapoint any of you.

Tomorrow I won’t be at work and I wont be able to come to this addictive sight either… boo 

Instead of coming to work tomorrow, I’m going to a tooth technician, yes to get a tooth. Long story short, when I was in Std 6 I fell and lost a tooth… I had a permanent false tooth up till now, but it was getting ugly so I had it replaced. Currently wearing a temporary one, because every time I go to the dentist to get my permanent one the color isn’t right!

The result being that tomorrow I’m heading to Cape Town to have the technician make a tooth that is the SAME color as my other teeth. Then I’m heading back home to my dentist to have the tooth put back in. What a shlep!

Wish me luck little ones!


Lu said...

Good Luck!

Niecole said...

Thanks Lu!
Guess what???? I've got my new tooth!!!!!!