Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Book Ferret #1

My very first Book Ferret!!!!

The Book Ferret is a weekly feature on Violin in a Void that will showcase a cool or interesting book-related find every Thursday. If you want to join in, grab the Ferret pic at the top of the page, link it and your post back here, and add your name to the Linky list.

Hi everyone... my dear friend Lauren at Violin in a Void has started this weekly meme where we can post interesting book related finds every Thursday (duh, she explains it above lol).

This can be new bookstores, new book releases, a new author you love, websites for free downloads, websites with audio to download, your newest e-reader, anything! So go ahead and join the fun, plus the picture of this meme is soooo darn cute you'll just want to join.

My book related post for this week is about cool bookmarks...

Here are a few great ones...

The Cookbook Marker @

You wont have to touch the pages with your dirty hands while cooking...

Look at this awesome idea!!! Looks like grass.

Find it at

This is pretty cool...

Find it at

Some beautifull beaded bookmarks at

Some wonderful Alice in Wonderland Bookmarks

If you have cool bookmarks or links to pages with great bookmarks, let me know!!!

And remember to link yourself to Lauren with the Linky Tool.


Lu said...

I LOVE the blood ones! Its looks so cool :)

The grass ones would be nice on a table and it would serve as a flower arrangement too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Niecole, thanks for Book Ferreting!

I love the grass and the blood ones - the first appeals to my green side and the other to my gory one, hehe. I've been meaning to make my own beaded ones as well.

Would love to see pictures of your own bookmarks too :) Maybe in another Book Ferret post?

Chrizette said...

Oh I am so glad I found this post. I have been searching for pretty bookmarks - I am going to go take a look at these :)

Niecole said...

Hi there Lauren... I'll take some pics of my own creations and post them on another Book Ferret for sure!

I love them all, and I think the first ones are pretty clever because they allow you to turn the page without messing up your page :)

Chrizette, their cool arent they? I'd love to get my hands on some

Nala said...

I have started making a Bookmark-A-Day for 365 days!! You can check it out on my blog: