Monday, September 24, 2012

The Sunflower Fund -

Hey guys,

As those of you who read my blog would know, I'm an avid supporter of the Sunflower Fund.

These guys are truly amazing!
But for those of you who don't know who they are, let me give you a bit of info:

The Sunflower Fund was formed in 1999 in support of theSABMR and was inspired by Chris Corlett and Darren Serebro’s heroic struggle against leukaemia. It was formed by parents whose children had contracted leukaemia, and in some cases had lost their battle against it. 

Their aim was to secure financial support in order to increase the number of bone marrow stem cell donors in South Africa. With the odds of finding a donor being 1:100 000, the idea is to expand the registry to at least 100 000. You can help by joining the SABMR. All you have to do to be registered on the SABMR is to give two tubes of your blood. We need your fast response and long-term commitment.

The Sunflower Fund aims to educate and recruit a viable source of well-informed potential bone marrow stem cell donors who are ethnically diverse, in an effort to save the lives of those needing a transplant when suffering from life-threatening blood disorders. It strives to maintain the associated donor records of theSouth African Bone Marrow Registry.

So these guys are really amazing and they need all the support they can get.

In South Africa we have a National Bandana Day on 12 October 2012. You can purchase your bandana from any Picks & Pay store and wear it either on the day or when ever you feel like it. All proceeds go to funding the tests that need to be done by the Fund to secure donors.

Please also visit their website for more info. You can register as a donor or even support them with a donation.

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