Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Positive changes

2012 has NOT been my year...

I've been thinking of getting a tattoo for a really long time, but only recently I've decided to actually do it.

Why you may ask have I only decided this now?
Well, 2012 has been an incredibly sucky year for me... I have this friend who always talks about spreading cheer and unicorn poop, well I have none of that... I don't even know how to be completely happy anymore.

2012 has not only meant physical struggles for me, with my weight and then having a very painful experience with my wisdom teeth being removed, but it's been incredible emotional, personally and professionally. I've changed jobs (in the same department, but different bosses) which has been emotional and stressful. I've ended 2 relationships this year, one of 7 years, the other of a couple of months, but both pretty sad and hard to deal with. I've had ups and downs with my mental stability and I've just struggled overall with keeping my head above water. I've had great advice all through the year about being positive and not think of any negative things, but as much as I've tried, I just have not been able to do it. So I've decided on a good change, so that 2012 can end of in a good way, with me being happy and welcoming the new year.

So hear are some of the things I've been thinking of doing:

Firstly, new hair.
At the moment my hair is longer than shoulder length, but I was thinking of getting it like this...

I should mention that I'm blonde. I just love all of these styles!!!!
I've heard from many people that any style really suites my face... which is lovely of them :)

My other change is losing some more weight. I have to also say that I've lost about 15kg already, but it's been hard!!! Just want to kick the healthy eating into gear, and when you feel depressed, it really is very hard to do! So any advice would really be great.
Luckily I have a couple of friends who are always willing to jump into this with me...

Third change (and I'm really excited about this) is getting a tattoo!
I want to get a non-permanent one first before I totally decide... but here are my ideas so far. (again, it is important to mention that I'm a Harry Potter freak and love literature so it will have to be something to do with that :))

1. "I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good" - Harry Potter
2. "Mischief managed" - Harry Potter

and my total favorite!!!

Lumos - on one wrist (The spell for making your wand light)
Nox - on the other wrist (The spell to make your wands light die down)

Here are some font ideas...

So now I'm wondering, what do you all think of a good change when you're feeling totally bumbed out? Does it work?

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